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Still Life Painting

Bryan Mark Taylor

Oil Painting

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Portrait Drawing

Josh Clare

Charcoal Drawing

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Landscape Fundamentals

Dan Schultz

Oil Painting

M O R E. .C O U R S E S

W H A T   S T U D E N T S   S A Y

Even though I’m an experienced painter, I’ve already had many ah-ha moments here. Sentient has a different attitude towards the 'students', the attention to detail creates a personal relationship. It's classy! It's a place to land when I get lost in the forest of choices of what direction to take. What I like best is that the technical side is impeccable and easy to use.
- Colleen Caubin
This is exactly the type of instruction I’ve been looking for that seems so hard to find. This type of Skill Accelerator structure will save me days, and possibly years, of wondering what I should be working on. I’ve also seen many “fluff” feedbacks from instructors, but not here! Very much looking forward to this curriculum, so happy to be here!
- Brandi McDermott
At Sentient Academy, there are world-known artists sharing their knowledge for landscape, portrait, and drawing. They start with the basics and continue in a structured method. They are explaining what and how you should do, why you should do it in that way. If it does not work, what you have to check to improve. You can also share the exercises you have finished for sutdent discussions. Even the instructor gives comments on it which is very valuable and motivating.
- Mehmet Ferit Peremeci

F E A T U R E D    I N S T R U C T O R 

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Dan Schultz

Website | Instagram | Course

After graduation and a few years of graphic design work, Dan discovered Cottonwood Art Academy in Colorado Springs where he first met artists who were making their livings painting for galleries. Dan was invited to join the teaching faculty at Cottonwood as their youngest instructor. Pursuing a career in fine art then became Dan's goal and he was able to begin painting full time in 2005. You are able to visit Dan in person at his gallery in downtown Ojai, California.

M E E T. .A L L. .I N S T R U C T O R S

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