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Sentient Academy has changed the way artists access professional training to further their art education and career without taking on any debt. In fact, most of our courses are less than the cost of art supplies so you can finally afford to practice more and get better!

Stop saving up for your dream art school and start learning from the top working professionals! Only pay for the courses you need and work your way up to be the artist you've always dreamed of.


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Michael Malm Workshop 10.28-30 | $250 Live

Jared Brady Workshop 10.28 | $20 Live

Kai Lun Qu Workshop 11.5 | $20 Live

Pet Portraits 12.2-4 | $100 Live

Plein Air Utah Live 1.21-23 | $300 Live

Adam Clague Workshop $50 Recorded

Shanna Kunz Workshop $50 Recorded

John Cosby Workshop $50 Recorded

Elizabeth Robbins Workshop $50 Recorded

Suchitra Bhosle Workshop $50 Recorded

Casey Childs Workshop $100 Recorded

Albin Veselka Mentorship $200/Month

Kimball Geisler Workshop $50 Recorded

Aaron Schuerr Workshop $50 Recorded

Bryan Mark Taylor Workshop $50 Recorded

Keith Bond Workshop $50 Recorded

Ellie Wilson Workshop $50 Recorded

Erin Meads Workshop $50 Recorded

Pastel Landscape Workshop $50 Recorded

Portrait Painting Workshop $50 Recorded

Josh Clare Workshop $50 Recorded

David Dibble Workshop $50 Recorded

Market Scene Painting $50 Recorded

Still Life Workshop $50 Recorded

Albin Veselka Workshop $50 Recorded

Rose Datoc Dall Workshop $50 Recorded

Landscape Painting Workshop $50 Recorded

Plein Air Painting Workshop $50 Recorded

Portrait Sculpture Workshop $50 Recorded

Portrait Atelier $130/YR or $15/MTH

Portrait Drawing Course $130/YR or $15/MTH

Portrait Painting Course $130/YR or $15/MTH

Back-lit Portraits $130/YR or $15/MTH

Jared Brady Oil Painting Atelier $130/YR or $15/MTH

Still Life Painting Demos $130/YR or $15/MTH

Dan Schultz Landscape Painting Course NEW! $15/Month

Landscape Painting Course NEW! $15/Month

Landscape Painting Course $130/YR or $15/MTH

Gallery Landscape Painting Course $25/Month

Aaron Schuerr Pastel Painting Course Coming Soon

Western Painting Course Coming 2021

Still Life Painting Demos $30/Month

Landscape Painting Course $75 Recorded

Gift a curriculum $250 Single Curriculum

Gift a workshop $50 Single Workshop



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