All live workshops are now upgraded to zoom for a stable HD streaming with audio interactions!
Jared Brady Workshop 8.7 | $20 Live

Casey Childs Workshop 8.10 | $250 Live | $100 Recorded

Kai Lun Qu Workshop 8.12 | $20 Live

Casey Childs Workshop 8.21 | $120 Live | $50 Recorded

Shanna Kunz Workshop 8.27 | $120 Live | $50 Recorded

Elizabeth Robbins Workshop 8.28 | $120 Live | $50 Recorded

Albin Veselka Mentorship $200/Month

Kimball Geisler Workshop $50 Recorded

Aaron Schuerr Workshop $50 Recorded

Bryan Mark Taylor Workshop $50 Recorded

Keith Bond Workshop $50 Recorded

Ellie Wilson Workshop $50 Recorded

Erin Meads Workshop $50 Recorded

Pastel Landscape Workshop $50 Recorded

Portrait Painting Workshop $50 Recorded

Josh Clare Workshop $50 Recorded

David Dibble Workshop $50 Recorded

Market Scene Painting $50 Recorded

Still Life Workshop $50 Recorded

Albin Veselka Workshop $50 Recorded

Rose Datoc Dall Workshop $50 Recorded

Landscape Painting Workshop $50 Recorded

Plein Air Painting Workshop $50 Recorded

Portrait Sculpture Workshop $50 Recorded

Portrait Atelier $15/Month | FREE TRIAL

Portrait Painting Course Starting $15/Month | FREE TRIAL

Portrait Drawing Course Starting $15/Month | FREE TRIAL

Back-lit Portraits Starting $15/Month | FREE TRIAL

Still Life Painting Demos Starting $15/Month | FREE TRIAL

Landscape Painting Course Starting $15/Month | FREE TRIAL

Dan Schultz Landscape Painting Course Coming Soon | $15/Month

Gallery Landscape Painting Course Coming Soon | $15/Month

Western Painting Course Coming Soon | $15/Month

Landscape Painting Course Coming Soon | $15/Month

Still Life Painting Demos $30/Month | FREE TRIAL

Landscape Painting Course $75 Recorded

Gift a curriculum $250 Single Curriculum

Gift a workshop $50 Single Workshop

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