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How to change profile photo


  1. Log in
  2.  Click on Profile Icon (Hamburger Menu for mobile)
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Click on Change Avatar
  5. Browse to the image and save
  6. Wait till the image is updated
  7. Scroll to the bottom and save
  8. Make sure you save after updating the image

In cases where your browser auto-fill the Current Password, the system will show an error as New Password is not entered. Simply delete the Current Password to clear the error.

About Course Options

How do weekly modules get released?

Any of the weekly modules are set to be auto-released every 7 days from your first day.
We want you to take the week to revisit and master each principle. By doing so, you will find your skills improve greatly.


What are the technical requirements to start my lessons?

You will need a reliable internet connection, a computer/mobile device with a web browser. Google Chrome has been tested with the best experience compared to Safari. The best way to test your setup for Sentient ready is to try one of our free courses and follow along. It’s completely free!


Student vs Unlocked vs Lifetime

Student, Unlocked and Lifetime Versions of each course have the same content but the way you access these modules is different as described below.

Student Version
  • Module Delivery: Auto-released every 7 days.
  • Library Access: As long as you have an active subscription.
  • Recurring Payment: Yes, auto-billed each month until you cancel the subscription.
Unlocked Version
  • Module Delivery: Immediate access to all modules.
  • Library Access: As long as you have an active subscription.
  • Recurring Payment: Yes, auto-billed each month until you cancel the subscription.
Lifetime Version
  • Module Delivery: Immediate access to all modules.
  • Library Access: Lifetime through Sentient Academy Library. 
  • Recurring Payment: No, one-time non-refundable payment at the time of purchase.


What do I get for the curriculum?

You will get modules with lectures, demos, and exercises designed to accomplish specific learning goals. Each module is built upon the previous ones to help you improve your skills rapidly. 

You will also get bonus resources:

  • Critique Collection Watch Master Instructors give verbal critique and digital paint-overs of past student submissions.
  • Reference Library Create original artwork using our reference photos royalty-free.  
  • Community Feedback Interact with Masters and fellow artists on the Sentient hosted community board. 


Can I take longer than 1 week for the modules?

Yes! Even though the modules are auto-released each week for Student Version subscribers, but you can take as long as you need to complete each weekly module. As for Unlocked Version subscribers, all modules will be available during your active subscription so take your time to master each topic. 


Will there be new content added to each course?

No. Each course is structured to develop a series of building blocks required to accomplish a specific learning objective. However, there may be future developments for advanced courses as a separate course option for you to continue learning.   


Can I skip around the modules?

Student Version subscribers: No. Unlocked Version subscribers: Yes. The unlocked version gives you all the modules at once so you can either follow the designed curriculum or skip ahead to your weakest topics. However, we do recommend to take time and go over each module. There is a reason why our Masters took the time to build each module even though it may seem very basic. You get to learn their thought process to approach and solve each problem.  


What if I can't finish all the modules in one month?

Simply keep the subscription until you fully finished the learning. If you want to keep the entire collection of modules with lifetime access to revisit anytime you want, you can always purchase the Lifetime Version. 


Can I revisit the modules after I cancel?

No. But you can always sign up again in the future when you need to revisit the course again. All unlocked modules will be available to you. In cases where you need a manual reset to unlock completed modules. Contact us and we are more than happy to help.


Do I get to keep the content I purchased in the subscription plans?

No. The subscription plan gives you ACCESS to the content. You are not purchasing the 50+ videos for such a low cost per month. You will need an active subscription to access the library, similar to how Netflix works.


Can I download the modules with the Lifetime Version?

No. In order to keep the pricing reasonable, you are paying for lifetime access to these modules. You will need to stream these via Sentient Library. It's more efficient this way to get you instant access to start learning without waiting for the large files to be downloaded. 


Can I subscribe to more than one course?

Yes. Our learning platform offers the most flexible ways to learn based on your schedule and capacity. Our cost structure makes it possible for you to take multiple university-level courses without financial burden. Sign up or cancel anytime. You will have access to the library until the end of the billing cycle if the current subscription is canceled. 


Can I switch to a different course after I finish one?

Yes. Simply cancel your current course and sign up for the next one. When you cancel, you will have access to the library until the end of the billing cycle.  


Do I need to submit my exercises?

No. These are self-study exercises designed as warm-ups to be repeated as frequently as possible. This is how you can master the skills required to reach professional quality. 

If you have questions or need quick feedback, you are encouraged to post them below each lesson or in the group discussions. This is a great way to interact with our Masters and get pointers. 


Do I need to commit to anything when I subscribe?

No, only keep your subscription if it helps you learn, otherwise, cancel any time. You can still enjoy the benefits through the end of the current billing cycle. After that, you will just have access to our free library.


How do I cancel my subscription?

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the Avatar in the top right of the page.
  • Select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Billing Info in the top right of the page.
  • Hit the Cancel button.

If you cancel during trial period or in the middle of a billing cycle, you will see a [pending cancellation] with your deactivation date next to it.


What's the refund policy?

If Sentient Academy doesn’t quite work for you after trying out our free courses, we offer the following refunds:

  • Student & unlocked subscription: only the most current charge is refundable. For example, you have been paying subscriptions from January to May and you just paid June subscription and decide to terminate and get a refund. You will only be refunded for your June subscription fee.
  • Lifetime purchase: non-refundable.

About Workshops

What are the system requirements?

You just need a reliable and fast internet connection and the free zoom app! 


What do I get for the workshop?

You will get online access to the live Workshops. You will be able to interact with the professional artist during the workshop to discuss and fully understand the techniques presented.

After the event, you will also get LIFETIME access to the recording to review the workshop at your convenience. This gives you a chance to practice what you've learned during the workshop with a fresh memory.


What if I can't make it on time?

You can join in anytime during the workshop live streaming and watch the missed parts afterward with the included replay access. Each workshop includes free LIFETIME access to the recording in case you miss anything.


What's the refund policy?

We are offering reasonable pricing plus LIFETIME access to recording to make Online Workshops more flexible without additional travel plans and expenses. Even though there is no travel involved for you to attend live streaming workshops, each professional hosts still have direct costs to allow such time commitment to host the workshops.

Each registration is non-refundable if canceled within 7 days prior to the event. 10% processing fee will be charged to any refundable amounts. If you need to cancel, please email

The workshop recording purchase is non-refundable. 


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