Hein Atelier at Sentient Academy

Global Access to a Mastery Training Program

Although modern day technology has advanced in such a way that most creative individuals have incorporated mobile devices or apps into their journey, the good-old traditional training process still has a solid foothold in the world of art education. Even with technological advancements, there is no short cut to mastery. Odoardo Fialetti once provided a visual of the inside of his teacher, Renaissance master Tintoretto's studio. The engraving he made depicts a school, bustling with the creation of art, with students and helpers of all ages. The master and students work together as a team, while advanced students assist the novices. Certainly the merit of such a training environment is clear as studios such as these produced the most masterful artists for centuries.


Who is Jeff Hein 

Jeff Hein has won numerous awards including 2nd place in the National Portrait society’s portrait competition, 2nd place in the figurative category of the Art Renewal Center’s salon and first place in Springville Museum of Art's annual Spring Salon. He also served as a faculty artist for the Portrait Society of America Portrait Conference from 2013-17. 

Jeff has been titled a "living Master" by the Art Renewal Center, and his program at the Hein Atelier of Traditional Art is ARC accredited.

Jeff Hein Online Atelier Program

Jeff founded his Hein Atelier of Traditional Art and adopted the same multidimensional art training process to teach aspiring young artists virtually. In Jeff Hein's Atelier he teaches more than solid fundamental art skills. He also imparts all of the business skills he himself has learned and used, as well as soft skills, to his students.


Finally, this training methodology is made possible for serious students around the world without the risk and expenses of relocation. Jeff Hein will implement the same teaching philosophy based on his Art Renewal Center accredited program taught at his Hein Atelier of Traditional Art. In this online program, he mentors your personal progress through this evolving cycle of lecture, demo, critique, and organic discussions surrounding his art making process and business practice to prepare you for the fulfilling career as a professional artist.

How Jeff teaches

You will receive 4 weekly sessions each month to fuel your study at home:

   1st week: 1.5 hours live streaming lecture/demo

   2nd week: 1+ hours recorded demo

   3rd week: 1.5 hours live group critique/discussion

   4th week: 1+ hours recorded demo 

You will be able to review his teaching as much as you need to ensure the quality of your study.

How you study

Your independent and dedication to studio practice is only part of the requirements to succeed in this program. To fully benefit from Jeff's curriculum, you will need to engage in the group discussions in order to develop skills, knowledge and professional network. 

The small class size allows Jeff, fellow students, and you to actively participate in the learning process for everyone to become well-informed to make intelligent artistic and business decisions when you enter into the field. 

You will receive Jeff's clear instructions to set up the life objects or models to complete your deliberate practice and produce professional quality work. You will then receive Jeff's critique and directions to further refine your skills. 

What you will learn to accomplish

How you enroll

This program requires a very high level of independence and commitment for a long-term benefit. It requires 12+ hours weekly study on top of the live and recorded lessons provided. You will gain the most practical insights inside a working master artist's studio to prepare with a professional level of drawing and painting skills, a consistent body of work and the business knowledge with which to begin a successful and fulfilling career.

To be admitted into the program, prepare a portfolio of work and fill out the application. Upon acceptance, you will receive an email with instructions to start the program with recurring monthly tuition payments.

Program tuition: $350/month
Accepting application now to begin training in November 2021.