How things work at Sentient Academy


How do I cancel my subscription?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the Avatar in the top right of the page.
  3. Select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Billing Info in the top right of the page.
  5. Hit the Cancel button. or Manage Subscription in Paypal if you used Paypal for the payment method.
If you cancel during trial period or in the middle of a billing cycle, you will see a [pending cancellation] with your deactivation date next to it.

What's the refund policy?

If Sentient Academy doesn’t quite work for you after trying out our courses, we may offer refunds based on the following terms: Subscription plan:

  • Pre-recorded course: only the most current charge, except for the first month, is refundable. For example, you have been paying subscriptions from January to May and you just paid the June subscription and decide to terminate and get a refund. You will only be refunded for your June subscription fee.
  • Mentorship program: only refundable within 24 hours of payment or the first engagement is performed, whichever comes first.
One-time purchase:
  • Pre-recorded course: non-refundable or one-time Sentient Academy credit will be issued if you are dissatisfied with the course content.
  • Live course: non-refundable if canceled within 7 days prior to the live course date. A 10% processing fee will be charged to any refundable amounts.

Tech Support

How can I reset my password?

You can do this anytime without our help. Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the Login Page. Or click here to reset your password.

What are the technical requirements to start my lessons?

You will need a reliable internet connection, a computer/mobile device with a web browser. Google Chrome has been tested with the best experience compared to Safari. The best way to test your setup for Sentient ready is to try one of our free courses and follow along. It’s completely free!

How to change profile photo.

  1. Log in
  2. Click on Profile Icon (Hamburger Menu for mobile)
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Click on Change Avatar
  5. Browse to the image and save
  6. Wait till the image is updated
  7. Scroll to the bottom and save
  8. Make sure you save after updating the image
In cases where your browser auto-fill the Current Password, the system will show an error as New Password is not entered. Simply delete the Current Password to clear the error.

What are the system requirements to attend live courses?

You just need a reliable and fast internet connection and the free zoom app!

Course Enrollment

How does Sentient Academy work?

To get started with a course of your choice, simply follow the 3 steps to get started:

  1. Pick a course
  2. Pay for the course
  3. Learn immediately by logging in.
Every course access is sold separately at Sentient Academy. Think of Sentient Academy as a university with the freedom to choose the courses you want/need to improve your skills. Instead of paying high tuition to cover the administrative overhead, you pay for a reasonable fee to produce the course and grow the Academy. YOU get to decide how you learn and how much you invest in your art education to reach your personal goals. Enroll in each course and pay individually to build your own learning plan as you go. Or take advantage of the most effective Skill Accelerator bundle to access courses designed to speed up your growth with monthly payments.

What is the approximate length of each chapter?

On average it's about 1 hour each chapter. We break it down to bite-size lessons so you have time to practice several times before moving on. It's modeled after the common college course developments as you spend 1 hour in class, you should be spending 3 hours outside of the classroom to study and practice given it's a studio art course. Our courses are designed to be very concise without much fluff so you get the key concepts in the most simple-to-understand format. Your practice is the key to improvement. As you practice the given exercise plus more using your own references or life model/objects, you will be able to absorb the lessons and build up your skills. Depends on the topics, some weeks will have much longer lessons to fully demonstrate the process to help you understand the instructor's unique approach to the specific subjects. You have the flexibility to pace yourself accordingly and spend more time on a given chapter to fully understand the lesson before moving on.

I purchased the pre-recorded course, how can I start watching it?

If you PRE-ORDERED a future course, check the release date on the check out page for the estimated date. You will be able to access the course on the release date by logging in to the Sentient Library. If you purchased an available pre-recorded course, you can access the course immediately after you log in. Check email for your login password if you are new to Sentient Academy. Or click here to reset the password .

What do I get for the PRE-RECORDED courses?

You can choose to pre-order any future pre-recorded courses or purchase any available pre-recorded courses. If you pre-order the future course, you will get immediate access to the course content on the release date and review it any time at your convenience. To access the course, click here to log in to your library. If you purchase the available course, you will get immediate access to the course content and review it any time at your convenience. To access the course, click here to log in to your library. Refer to the individual course terms at check out for the access expirations.

Do I need to submit my exercises?

No. These are self-study exercises designed as warm-ups to be repeated as frequently as possible. This is how you can master the skills required to reach professional quality. If you have questions or need quick feedback, you are encouraged to post them below each lesson or in the group discussions. This is a great way to interact with our instructors and get pointers.

Can I download the lesson videos I purchased?

No. In order to keep the pricing reasonable, you are paying for the rights to access these videos. You will need to stream these via Sentient Library. To purchase the copyrights and digital copy of the videos will cost you a lot more per video. This is more cost-efficient to get you instant access to start learning without saving up money nor waiting for the large files to be downloaded.

Can I skip around the lessons?

Yes. The main advantage of our courses is to give you the freedom to access the lessons within the enrolled course and skip ahead to any lesson. However, we do recommend to take time and go over each lesson with plenty of practice.

Do I get a certificate of completion after completing a course?

No. At the moment we are not an accredited institution so a Certificate of Completion doesn't mean much. However, this is how we are able to provide such great courses taught by top artists at the most reasonable prices to focus on what's really important- sharpening your skills. If you have certain educational or employment-related requirements to obtain a Certificate of Completion, please reach out to for additional options to purchase a Certificate of Completion with your finished project for the artist to review and validate the completion.

What's the difference between subscription and one-time payment enrollments?


  • Card charged automatically every month: Yes
  • Active subscription required to access course: Yes
  • Course access expiration: Never until you cancel subscription
One-Time Payment
  • Card charged automatically every month: No
  • Active subscription required to access course: No
  • Course access expiration: A Year or never depends on the course


Do I need to commit to a long-term contract?

Absolutely not. Your subscription is prepaid in advance at the beginning of each billing cycle to access the courses. You have the full control to cancel at anytime without going through Sentient Academy at all. It's your future and you should have the freedom and responsiblity to control when you pay or quit.

Do I get to keep the content I purchased in the subscription plans?

No. You did not PURCHASE any content outright with the subscription plan. The subscription plan gives you the RIGHT to access the content. The only way to offer such high-quality content without a high tuition fee is through the rights to stream the content. We chose this practice so you can get started sooner without saving up for the tuition. And you get to enjoy more courses while staying within budget.

Can I revisit the lessons after I cancel?

No. But you can always sign up again in the future when you need to revisit the course again.

What if I can't finish all the lessons in one month?

Simply keep the subscription until you fully finished the learning. If you have a busy schedule and can only consume course content slowly, signing up for the courses individually with one-time payments may be a better option for you. Refer to the individual course terms at check out for the access expirations.

Does this subscription give me access to all courses?

No. Your active subscription plan gives you unlimited access to the available courses included in the bundle until you cancel.

Will there be new content added to the Skill Accelerator Subscription?

Yes, the main advantage of Skill Accelerator Subscription is to give you access to all current and future Skill Accelerator courses. As long as you have an active subscription, you will be able to access the new course content as it becomes available to keep your growth going.

What courses are included in a Skill Accelerator Subscription?

Subscription includes umlimited access to a top-rated collection of 10+ hands-on courses taught by the most exclusive award-winning professional artists. Landscape Courses

  • FA1101 Landscape Painting Fundamentals with Dan Schultz
  • FA1102 Plein Air Painting Fundamentals with Ellie Wilson
  • FA1103 Complete Guide to Landscape Painting with Bryan Mark Taylor
  • FA4101 Ultimate Guide to Gallery Painting with Bryan Mark Taylor
Portrait Courses
  • FA1301 Drawing and Painting Realistic Portraits with Kai Lun Qu
  • FA2301 Portrait Drawing Techniques with Josh Clare
  • FA2302 Complete Guide to Portrait Painting with Albin Veselka
  • FA3301 Glowing Back-Lit Portrait Painting with Michael Malm
Still Life Courses
  • FA2201 Alla Prima Approach to Oil Painting with Jared Brady
  • FA2202 Still Life Painting Challenge with Bryan Mark Taylor
Coming soon Continue your artistic growth and education through new courses being added to the bundle regularly.
  • FA1201 Gouache Painting Made Easy with Sergio Lopez
  • FA1302 Creating Life-Like Portraits with Liz Harris
  • FA 2203 Enhancing Color & Brushwork in Oil Painting with Mostafa Keyhani
  • FA1104 Complete Guide to Pastel Landscape Painting with Aaron Schuerr
  • FA3106 Developing Your Artistic Voice in Landscape Paintings with Brian Sindler
Each course is fully developed to give you the critical art school training required to speed up your skill growth. There are multiple chapters included in each course to guide you through a series of building blocks with a variety of lecture, demo and exercise videos. Each video provides you bite-sized information to digest. On average, you will need 20 minutes to watch the lesson plus 30-40 minutes to practice. Once you are done with your practice, you are encouraged to share your progress in our exclusive community for feedback and guidance from our professional artists.

Is this subscription for me?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, yes, this is perfect for you!

  • Do you enjoy a variety of lessons to keep you busy and motiviate?
  • Do you want to study with more than one of Sentient of instructors?
  • Do you enjoy access to new courses without paying extra for each couse?
  • Do you prefer structured art school curriculum to build skills?
  • Do you want to get unlimited top-rated professional lessons for a set low budget?
  • Do you plan on starting art school training with low upfront costs vs pay per course?

What is unlimited access?

Skill Accelerator subscription gives you instant streaming access to a bundle of courses without limits. You can watch and repeat any lessons in this library as often as you need with your active subscription. There is no limit to how much you can learn with this subscription plan.

Where can I watch the lessons?

Sentient Academy delivers the most effective online learning experience developed by award-winning artists. Video lessons are available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and computer with internet access. There is no large file downloads to waste your precious time. Take your unlimited learning potential with you wherever you go.

Which courses are right for my skill level?

The Skill Accelerator course bundle offers courses across a variety of mediums, subjects and techniques for all skill levels. Most courses are designed to introduce the fundamental, yet hard-to-master, concepts for artists with little to no experience and advanced artists. We also include advanced demos to help you sharpen skills with professional tips. With new courses released throughout the year, you will be able to expand your artistic horizon, discover new inspirations, and gain confidence faster than your art school friends. Get the free Day Pass for a copy of the course planner and try out the courses yourself today. If you need more personalized advice, we are always here to help.

How does the free Day Pass work?

If you have never tried our Skill Accelerator subscription before, you can try the courses out free for a day to see how unlimited access works. There is no credit card reqiuired.

How much does Skill Accelerator cost?

The subscription costs $30 per month with annual billing, or $50 billed monthly, for unlimited access to all courses included in the Skill Accelerator bundle. That's a fraction of the cost compared to enrolling in each course separately at $130 each.

Live Courses

I registered for the LIVE course, how do I attend?

Check your email, or junk mail, for your personal live course link. You can click on it in advance to test out your device, download and install the zoom app. The workshop will be recorded so please follow the best practices below to ensure the best streaming and recording quality for later viewing. The recordings will be released once the raw footage is edited and uploaded to the Sentient Library. You will be able to log in Sentient Academy to access the recordings.

Zoom Workshop Best Practice

  • All audio interaction will be recorded so please use respectful language and be professional.
  • Mute yourself during workshop to avoid any distracting background noise.
  • Feel free to unmute yourself as you ask questions throughout.
  • Only the instructor's camera feed will be included in the recording to protect your privacy.
  • Don't turn on camera during demo to keep the streaming smooth.
  • Feel free to share your camera and mic during open discussion time if applicable for a "face-to-face" interaction.

What if I can't make it on time or have to miss parts of the LIVE course?

You can join in anytime during the course live streaming session and watch the missed parts afterward with the included lifetime recording access by logging into Sentient Academy.

What do I get for the LIVE courses?

You will get online access to attend the live course via the zoom app. You will be able to interact with the professional artist to discuss and fully understand the techniques presented. After the live course, you will also get LIFETIME access to the course recordings to review at your convenience. This gives you a chance to practice with a fresh memory.