Dina Brodsky + Sentient Academy

Updated: May 11, 2021

We frequently get asked by our students about social media marketing for artists. Many artists struggle to build traction with their art career so they spend a lot of time attempting to decipher social media marketing and as a result wind up without enough time to actually create! Instagram has been the top social media platform of choice for artists globally. It aids artists in connecting with one another as well as galleries and can effectively grow an artist's audience.

Sentient has been searching for the right expert to teach the mysteries of Instagram for artists for the last two years. We knew we needed an artist who knows how Instagram works and has significantly benefited from it themselves. We witnessed Dina Brodsky's Instagram account @dinabrodsky grow from 100K to 200K, and then again to 400+K over the past 2 years. Currently, Dina has 1.2M+ Instagram followers at her disposal from her personal and associated brands like @thebluereview and @bluereviewprojectspace!!

She has made herself an influencer in the arts and is very willing to help fellow artists harness the power of Instagram to grow their own following, generate income and discover opportunities. She has been helping our very own virtual event, Vision X Live, gain traction and benefit all artists involved in the project. We are truly honored to announce our partnership with Dina Brodsky and recommend her online course series, Insights for Artists.


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