PASTEL LANDSCAPE PAINTING with Aaron Schuerr | July 2021

Updated: May 3, 2021

Want to forge a clear path forward in the art of pastel painting?

Do you ever struggle to corral the right materials for creating your pastel painting? Does the idea of building a pastel palette, and the lengthy time it requires, give you a headache? Do you struggle to organize your materials? Do you struggle to use your pastel colors convincingly in a landscape because of your inability to mix hues as you do with oil paint?

Imagine the power and confidence resulting from being able to understand how to use the full value of the pastel as a painting tool! Imagine if you could utilize the full range of options, from broad strokes to fine detail, in pastel. Gain an understanding of how to use pastels, apply color to a landscape painting, as well as how to plan, and compose a pastel landscape.

This course is estimated to be added to the Skill Accelerator collection in July, 2021.