ARTISTIC VOICE IN LANDSCAPES with Brian Sindler | Q4 2021

Updated: May 3

Go beyond the limitations of your subject to compose a dynamic painting!

Do you find yourself simply copying your reference photo shape by shape, shadow by shadow? Are there objects in your landscape you wish weren’t there? Are you imposing your will on your subject, or is the subject imposing its will on you?

Imagine if you could paint beyond the limitations of nature! In this course, award-winning Landscape Painter Brian Sindler will teach you how to look beyond what your subject has to offer. Don’t let yourself be held back by what nature is throwing at you, whether it be unappealing weather conditions or an inadequate photo reference. Learn how to use composition to design your paintings in a way that compliments your inherent strengths and weaknesses.

This course is estimated to be added to the Skill Accelerator collection in Q4, 2021.


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