Trekell + Sentient Partnership

Sentient Academy is very grateful for Trekell’s full support since day 1 to help our instructors produce top quality lessons using their full line of brushes and panels. We are constantly testing Trekell’s supplies to fit different styles and techniques developed by our instructors and make proud recommendations for our students. If you see our instructors using brushes with a silver band, that’s Trekell!!

Trekell is very generous to offer discounts on our instructor brush sets for our students to study with pro artist grade brushes and get better results. Check out our Sentient Academy Trekell Collection here.

About Trekell Art Supplies

Since 1984 Trekell has been supplying artists with professional grade art supplies; founder Brian Trekell began his journey to make and supply the best materials on a backpacking trip through Japan. Since then Trekell’s mission has been to help you indulge yourself with the best tools to create your best work. The company works with manufacturers the world over to offer the best selection. Trekell also boasts a panel of Pro Team artists who offer recommendations and product collaborations.

If you need help finding the right brushes, Trekell has a smart quiz to help you here.