Alla Prima Approach to Oil Painting with Jared Brady

Alla Prima Approach to Oil Painting with Jared Brady


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Expand your oil painting skills with fine artist Jared Brady. Are you a professional or beginner oil painting artist and are interested in developing your fine art skills? Jared takes you on a fun painting journey to help you apply the fundamental training you have received so far. This course is perfect for artists who are looking for a painting buddy and mentor to motivate them as they absorb advanced techniques such as drawing, values, edges, color temperature, harmony, composition, and paint handling.


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Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Medium: Oils

Imagine if you could accumulate painting mileage alongside an experienced mentor! This course by Jared Brady is designed to benefit both beginning and experienced artists. Let Jared take you through a series of still life painting lessons to build up your deep understanding of value, colors, edges and paint handling. Then he will expand your skillset with landscape paintings to show you his reallife production for his gallery work.

Block 1: Still Life Paintings

  1. Sunflowers Demo & Exwecise
  2. Roses Demo & Exwecise
  3. Pumpkin Demo & Exwecise
  4. Roses Carnations Demo & Value Exercise
  5.  Sunflowers Pumpkins Demo
  6. Peaches Demo 
  7. Pink Roses Demo 
  8. Pumpkins Sunflowers Corn Demo 
  9. White Rose Demo 
  10. Metal Object Exercise 
  11. Metal Object with Orange Exercise
  12. Metal with Roses Exercise
  13. Candlelit Roses Demo
  14. Roses By Candlelight Demo

Block 2: Landscape Paintings

  1. Winter Landscape Demo
  2. Coming soon