Capturing Fire & Sunset in Gouache with Jeremy Duncan

Capturing Fire & Sunset in Gouache with Jeremy Duncan


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Paint dynamic fire & sunset scenes in gouache! Are you interested in learning the secret of painting objects which cast heat and brightness? In this gouache painting course, Jeremy Duncan will teach you how to simplify your subject, whether it be a campfire or sunset, and help you to create a breath-taking piece.


Coming soon in Q2 2021

Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Medium: Gouache

Are you overwhelmed when facing challenging subject matter such as bonfires or hearth fires? Are you concerned as to whether or not your color choices are harmonious, or look clean and unified?

Imagine if you could simplify a flammiferous subject and create a dynamic painting! Jeremy will teach you how to use contrast to better define and express your subject, as well as how to prioritize value so that you will have the freedom to make adventurous color choices. He will also show you his process to create attention-grabbing Instagram posts to grow followers.

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Students will become familiar with the materials used by Jeremy as well as the fundamentals of design and composition.

  • 1.1 Materials
  • 1.2 Starting with Design

Chapter 2: Photo to Fire
Students will be able to use a photo reference and create 3 different fire studies, each using a different technique.

  • 2.1 Value: Black and White
  • 2.2 High Intensity, High Contrast
  • 2.3 Low Intensity, Low Contrast

Chapter 3: Painting Fire in Gouache
Create a finished, glowing painting of a fire.

  • 3.1 Design
  • 3.2 The Block-in
  • 3.3 Refine: Finishing Touches and Accents

Chapter 4: Creating a Luminous Sunset
Take skills learned from painting fire and apply them to creating a luminous sunset from reference.

  • 4.1 Designing an effective sunset.
  • 4.2 Recreating Light
  • 4.3 Possible Sunset Scenarios
  • 4.4 Completing a Finished Sunset Study

Bonus Chapter: Making it Instagram Ready
Create attention-grabbing posts using your artwork to grow your following.

  • 5.1 How to Use Instagram Effectively
  • 5.2 Photographing Artwork
  • 5.3 Instagram Posting Nuts & Bolts

At the end of this course, you will have the ability to tap into the skillset which you already possess to portray a seemingly complex and life-like fire. You will also develop confidence and enjoyment in capturing the warm and glowing light of a sunset.

Instagram, Photograph Artwork, Saturated Colors