Complete Guide to Pastel Landscape Painting with Aaron Schuerr

Complete Guide to Pastel Landscape Painting with Aaron Schuerr


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Want to forge a clear path forward in the art of pastel painting? Let Aaron Schuerr teach you his painterly approach to pastel, utilizing the full range of techniques available to the pastel painter. He helps students to understand the landscape in terms of both value and color by looking at each and then bringing them together.


Coming soon in Q2 2021

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Medium: Pastels 

Does the idea of building a pastel palette, and the lengthy time it requires, give you a headache? Do you struggle to use your pastel colors convincingly in a landscape because of your inability to mix hues as you do with oil paint?

Imagine the power and confidence resulting from being able to understand how to use the full value of the pastel as a painting tool! Students will learn how to develop their own personality as artists under Aaron's instructions, after focusing skill development in the landscape fundamentals; value, shape, form, and design. You will learn to utilize the full range of options, from broad strokes to fine detail, in pastel. Gain an understanding of how to use pastels, apply color to a landscape painting, as well as how to plan, and compose a pastel landscape. 

CHAPTER 1: A Painterly Approach to Pastel
Pastel is a bold medium

  • Properties of Pastel
  • Side-by-Side Comparison: Pastel vs Oil
  • Color Basics

Chapter 2: Understanding Value through Charcoal and Sketching
Value is crucial to understanding color

  • Charcoal Drawing as Pastel Artists
  • Value of Sketching
  • Pastel Papers

Chapter 3: Simplifying Color
Start with simple, flat color planes, and new possibilities open up

  • Flat Color Plane Exercise: Summer vs Alpine vs Winter

Chapter 4: Composition
Compositional choices strengthen the idea and show your personality as an artist

  • Diagramming Composition
  • Geometric Forms
  • Tracing Paper Composition
  • Understanding Scale & Distance
  • Composing From Photos
  • Fixing Compositional Errors!

Chapter 5: Perspective & Scale
Understand how to analyze the landscape in the field to help your pastel techniques

  • Atmospheric Perspective
  • Sight-Size Techniques
  • Analyzing Photos for Composition & Color

Chapter 6: Painting Demo
It’s time to put it together! 

  • Plein Air Paint-along Demo

Chapter 7: Color Green
Understanding frontlit vs backlit through one of nature's most confounding colors

  • Tall grass: Frontlit vs. Backlit
  • Warm vs Cool
  • Summertime Painting Demo

Chapter 8: Water 

  • Perspective & Rivers
  • River Painting Demo

Chapter 9: Four Seasons
Each season has a distinct color cast and light quality

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

Chapter 10: An Autumn Landscape
A studio painting that ties together many of the lessons that we learned in the course

  • Autumn Landscape Demo