Creating Life-Like Portraits with Liz Harris

Creating Life-Like Portraits with Liz Harris


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Want to learn how to put the puzzle pieces together and form a solid drawing? Imagine if you could understand value and how it relates to portraiture! You could learn how to control the charcoal, as well as how to target your practice time and experience marked improvement with Liz Harris' portrait drawing course.


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Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Medium: Charcoal

Do you ever struggle to create and balance the values in your portrait drawings? Is your drawing somehow flawed and you just aren't quite sure why? Is controlling the charcoal difficult for you, and do you find yourself reaching for the white charcoal more than you should?

Imagine the power and confidence resulting from being able to understand how to put the puzzle pieces together and form a solid drawing!

Block 1: Charcoal Portrait Drawing Techniques

Chapter 1: Materials 

Chapter 2: Light & Shadow Values

Chapter 3: Drawing & Measuring

Chapter 4: Anatomy of the Features

Chapter 5: Putting the Puzzle Together

Chapter 6: Building Layers & White Chalk

Chapter 7: Planning the Portrait

Chapter 8: Drawing Portrait from Live Model


At the end of this course, you will finally be able to say goodbye to a flat portrait that doesn't quite resemble your subject, and learn to create a better drawing with strokes that look effortless rather than labored!