Drawing and Painting Realistic Portraits with Kai Lun Qu

Drawing and Painting Realistic Portraits with Kai Lun Qu


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Enhance your portrait drawing and painting techniques using traditional techniques. Do you need a little extra help with your portrait drawing or painting? Kai Lun Qu will first walk you through his traditional training and get you up to speed on your drawing techniques. Then he will show you his alla prima approach to creating dynamic drawings and paintings.


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Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Medium: Charcoal, Oils

Are you struggling to capture the form or likeness of your subject? Is something in your skillset missing and you just aren’t sure what? Imagine if you could begin your portrait painting journey the right way and learn the key academic drawing techniques from a professional.

Kai's unique training background allows him to create this well-executed portrait painting as a young artist years ago. Since then, he has been teaching privately for all levels of artists to refine drawing and painting techniques. You get to share your work after you finish each exercise for Kai to give you feedback to help you improve each week.

Block 1: Portrait Drawing Fundamentals

  • Chapter 1: 6 Measuring Techniques
  • Chapter 2: Notan Block In Exercise
  • Chapter 3: Concept of the Sphere
  • Chapter 4: Construction Block In- Graphite
  • Chapter 5: Graphite Layering Technique
  • Chapter 6: Sculptural Block In- Charcoal
  • Chapter 7: Charcoal Layering Technique
  • Chapter 8: Subject/Background Composition

Block 2: 6 Full Portrait Studies
Then we will expand our learning into full portrait drawing and painting studies for you to apply the techniques you’ve learned in the first block.  

At the end of this course, you will have acquired concrete portrait drawing and painting skills which will noticeably improve your art.