Gouache Painting Made Easy with Sergio Lopez

Gouache Painting Made Easy with Sergio Lopez


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Would you like to better understand how to layer with gouache or better depict light and shadow? Imagine if you could measurably improve your gouache painting technique! Effectively compose a gouache painting with Sergio Lopez! In this course, he will impart his own unique ECR (Establish, Compare, Refine) method which he has spent years developing. 


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Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Medium: Gouache

Are you struggling to control your gouache consistency? Gouache is easy to use and easy to clean up. It is also vibrant and versatile and collectors appreciate the whimsical feeling the medium lends.

Chapter 1: Gouache Supplies & Setup
Learn who Sergio Lopez is why you should learn from him. Learn what supplies are must-haves, and recommendations.

  • Who Sergio is & What You Will Learn
  • Gouache paints & brushes
  • Paper & Easel considerations
  • Simple Gouache Exercise

Chapter 2: Why Use Gouache?
The advantages and disadvantages of gouache vs some of the most popular liquid media.

  • Gouache vs Watercolor vs Acrylic vs Oil

Chapter 3: Potential of Gouache
He will showcase his expertise in gouache for you to follow along.

  • Painting with Gouache

Chapter 4: Establish Your composition In Gouache
How to start a gouache painting quickly and effectively.

  • Composition Crash Course
  • Draw With Your Brush
  • Block In Your Color Shapes
  • Paint Your Light And Shadow Pattern

Chapter 5: Compare Your Established Shapes And Colors
Learn how to correct and strengthen your composition in order to set it up for a successful refinement.

  • Drawing Refinement Using Shape Comparison
  • Zone In On Correct Values & Colors

Chapter 6: Refine Your Painting To The Finish
How to add detail, highlights, and final adjustments to finish your successful gouache painting.

  • Final Shape And Color Comparisons
  • Zone In On Your Artistic Direction
  • Final Details And Highlights

Chapter 7: Gouache As Watercolor
Learn an alternate method of using gouache as a more transparent medium.

  • Demo Using “Transparent Gouache”

Chapter 8: Traditional Vs. Acrylic Gouache
With your new understanding of gouache, learn why and how to use acrylic gouache and the advantages/disadvantages of each.

  • Demo Using Traditional Gouache

At the end of this course, you will have learned how to control the consistency of gouache in order to be able to build up a painting using layers. You will have learned how to paint a variety of different subjects in gouache and how to depict light and color with this medium. You will also have learned much about universal artistic principles, such as composition, that you can carry into other media.