Landscape Painting Fundamentals with Dan Schultz

Landscape Painting Fundamentals with Dan Schultz


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Expand your landscape painting skills by learning the fundamentals as well as a contemporary painting method. Imagine if you could strengthen your landscape painting skills with gallery artist Dan Schultz! Dan brings a unique perspective to this fine art oil painting course using his graphic design and illustration background.


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Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Medium: Oils

Are you a landscape artist who would like to sharpen your skills? Dan designs this course for beginners and intermediate artists who want to learn more about design, composition, and color in order to create stronger paintings. Dan introduces these concepts in bite-sized lessons with hands-on exercises. Start exploring the possibilities and turn your landscape scenes into interesting ideas for paintings. You get to enjoy the simple process while building skills to avoid pitfalls down the road.

If you are looking for a contemporary way to turn realistic landscapes into well-designed gallery paintings, this is the course for you.

Block 1: Key Landscape Painting Techniques

Let's start with the first block of training to go over the techniques required to start your landscape painting journey.

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
    Supplies, helpful tips and palette layout, limited palette demo
  • Chapter 2: Design Principles
    Examples of designs to avoid, photos vs Plein air, designing in Photoshop and using a grid, thumbnail studies demo
  • Chapter 3: Shape Accuracy
    Line, shape, positive and negative space, linear and aerial perspective, proportion, measuring demo
  • Chapter 4: Value
    The importance of squinting, simplifying values for block-in, value ranges (high-key and low-key), palette mixing for value comparison, value study demo
  • Chapter 5: Color I
    Understand palette colors, value, hue, intensity, complementary colors, practical mixing method, adjacent color mixing, broken color demo with a full-color palette
  • Chapter 6: Color II
    Understand color temperature and harmony 
  • Chapter 7: Edge Handling & Texture
    Variety, comparison, guide the viewer’s eye, techniques demo 
  • Chapter 8: Apply Paint Intentionally
    Valuable lessons from the study of painting, the importance of brushwork, brushstroke counting demo

 Block 2: Advance Painting Demos