Plein Air Painting Fundamentals with Ellie Wilson

Plein Air Painting Fundamentals with Ellie Wilson


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Expand your Plein air painting skills with Ellie Wilson's comprehensive Plein air course. Would you like to strengthen your Plein air skills? Ellie is here to walk you through her comprehensive training steps so you can significantly improve your Plein air painting skills, and see clear results.


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Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Medium: Oils
Have you ever wondered how Plein air painters manage to capture the most breathtaking scenes before the perfect lighting slips away? Do you love painting on location, but are often overwhelmed by the challenges presented by the great outdoors? Imagine if you could overcome obstacles and challenges and paint a beautiful Plein air piece with confidence!   

Block 1: Key Plein Air Painting Techniques

  • Chapter 1: Supplies & Linear Design
    Set yourself up for success with minimalist supplies, and start with a strong foundation of linear design.
  • Chapter 2: Value  
    The secret to all great paintings. Seeing value in the landscape.
  • Chapter 3: Composition and Learning From Life
    Connectivity and moving the eye through your painting. 
  • hapter 4: Color
    Strength and harmony through limitations and knowing your color.
  • Chapter 5: Color Continued
    How to find the accurate color. Color is relative.
  • Chapter 6: Form and Edges
    Rocks are rocks, clouds are clouds, the grass is
  • Chapter 7: Plein Air
    GET OUT THERE! and the importance of Plein Air Painting. 
  • Chapter 8: Use Your Notes
    Turning your studies into studios.
  • Chapter 9: The Whole
    Working with the end in mind.
  • Chapter 10: Finishing Strong
    hat does it take to finish and when are you done?


  • Adventures with Ellie
    Get inspired to paint outdoors with the weekly Plein air footage. Ellie will show you some of her favorite spots to paint, even if it's on the side of the road!