Understanding Gallery Representation with Micah Christensen

Understanding Gallery Representation with Micah Christensen


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Are you ready to take the necessary steps to receive representation from galleries? Don't approach them with your eyes closed! This is your chance to receive direct answers from a top gallery owner! Learn from this exclusive lecture series by gallery artist Bryan Mark Taylor and gallery owner Dr. Micah Christensen.


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Skill Level: Advanced, Professional

Medium: Oils

These extremely valuable in-depth discussions give you critical information to build meaningful relationships with galleries as you take your art career to the next level.

Starting a gallery relationship

  • Approaching galleries
  • Art gallery economics
  • Benefits from galleries
  • Relationships with galleries


  • How subjects affect sales
  • Deeper thoughts on subjects
  • Developing a style
  • Pricing artwork with galleries
  • Commission structures
  • Dealing with multiple galleries
  • Getting into galleries: first steps

Marketing Success

  • Telling a story with your art
  • Marketing with galleries
  • Interpersonal interactions
  • Success strategy for working with galleries